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Hello, and welcome to the Dora Goodman blog!

Whatever it was that brought you here; interest in our fully modular Goodman Zone, our fun and quirky Scura pinhole cameras, or perhaps one of our classic cameras beautifully adorned in high-quality wood veneer, you have come to the right place. Through this section of the website, we will continue to bring you fun and practical articles involving all things ‘Good’, so be sure to check back often.

Most of all articles are written by our copywriter, Jess Hobbs, a film photographer based out of Montreal, Canada. When she’s not out photographing on the vibrant city streets, she is most often found hiking through old-growth forests or exploring the wide expanses of rural landscapes. Through this blog, she will share her personal experiences using the wide range of Goodman cameras and accessories, and help you all on your own journey.

We hope you’ll enjoy the read!


Getting to know the Goodman Zone medium format camera

In this article we’re going to jump right in by taking a quick walk through the basics of zone focusing, have a discussion on the many different focusing viewfinder options, and wrap it up with a few tips and tricks to make your journey with the Zone an exciting and enjoyable experience.

5 tips and tricks on how to create magic with a pinhole camera

Pinhole photography is a fun and easy way to escape the ordinary, and focus on composition, get experimental, and practice patience. The aim of this article is to inspire you to get out there and create some pinhole magic of your own with our 5 tips and tricks, showcased through the “lens” of our own 3D printed Scura pinhole camera.

A Day in the GoodLab – sneak peek into a film camera workshop

Have you ever wondered what working in a film camera workshop looks like? We invite you to have a look into our everyday life, in this post we give you a sneak peek into the GoodLab days. Enjoy!

Photographers’ Stories 1. – The DIY-er who built an Instax back for the Goodman Zone

"I’ve always liked tinkering with things, and when cheap 3D printers became available, I jumped right in. Like so many others, I found the relatively new accessibility of 3D printing quite exciting."

Photographers’ Stories 2. – How can a VR developer’s creativity manifest in a 3D printed camera?

"I love the moment of surprise when you see the developed film or scans for the first time days after you pressed the shutter. Especially because I deal with digital images every day, I very much appreciate the chemical & mechanical process and not having to rely on any electronic device or battery."

Photographers’ Stories 3. – Colorful fashion portraits shot with the Zone

"There are times that I have a very exact look in mind and I work with models I know, but I also often just chat up interesting characters on the street and we go on candid photo walks. There is an interesting chemistry going on when you are shooting with strangers, and these end up being some of my favourite pictures. "