In our Photographers’ Stories series we are interviewing Goodman Camera builders and users about their experience. Regardless of their day jobs, these guys have a clear passion for film photography and each of these photographers has truly adapted the camera to their unique desires and created something unique with it. Our aim with this series is to showcase how versatile little boxes we designed, and hopefully we will have you convinced that there truly is a Goodman Camera for everyone.

Interview with Rupert Pupkin

All of the photos in this blogpost was shot by Rupert with his Goodman Zone.

See more of his work on his Instagram

Tell me a little about yourself, how did you get started in photography, what drew you into the medium?

R.P.: My memory functions best when nonsense is involved so photography entered my life throughout my travels, as a visual journal of sorts, helping me to capture moods and feelings on the road. As I went along it blossomed into other projects, but I still shoot a lot of random daily moments.

Other than photography, do you have any other passions/hobbies?  What’s your favorite Pringles flavor?

R.P.: I really enjoy creating things, so I’m often involved in DIY projects. I also find it important to stay active and I enjoy doing board sports, especially longboarding. Hot and Spicy Pringles all the way 🙂

Your IG feed features a lot of fashion style portraiture, with a playful mix of light and color.  What typically goes into one of these shoots?  Do you have set locations and models you work with often, or is it a more spontaneous approach?

R.P.: My fashion portraits have the same origin as my street photos: my fascination with people. There are times that I have a very exact look in mind and I work with models I know, but I also often just chat up interesting characters on the street and we go on candid photo walks. There is an interesting chemistry going on when you are shooting with strangers, and these end up being some of my favourite pictures. As for the colors I’m actually colorblind, and I’m currently working on a project that would allow people to take a peek into my world. Stay tuned!

What inspired you to pick up the Goodman Zone?  What do you like most about the design?

R.P.: I like quirky things so my curiosity was what initially drew me to the Zone. I learned to love the slow process of shooting with it that affected my photography style and I really like how light it is. I’m not one to carry bulky gear so this was a match made in heaven.


How did you set up your Zone?  What accessories or accents would we find on your camera?

R.P.: I bought a DIY kit from the Goodman webshop, assembled excitedly right after it arrived and set it up with the Mamiya 50mm/4.5 and the Mamiya back and viewfinder. I used to measure distance with an SLR but now I just use the DeWalt laser, it’s simple and weighs nothing. Later I also added the wooden inlays which made it even prettier. 

Just to get to know you a bit better, do you have any stories/anecdotes about yourself you’d like to add?

R.P.: Upon failing to solve its riddles I was once swallowed by a color shifting pandimensional troll, only to land in Narnia. Could have been a dream though…

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