Helical Lens Adapter with Goodman Focusing Screen


The 3D printed Goodman Helical Lens Adapter and Focusing Screen was designed to complete the Goodman Zone medium format camera. The lens adapter allows you to mount various types of large and medium format lenses to your Goodman Zone and the focusing screen helps you in focusing. 

Although the Zone was originally designed around the Mamiya Press lens lineup, the helical lens adapter gives you the freedom to use various types of large format lens, depending on its flange focal distance and front plate size.

The Goodman Focusing Screen is always automatically included with the purchase of the helical lens adapter, no need to order them separately.

The helical cylinder exists in different sizes:

  • Base model: this will fit those lenses that has a minimum of 86mm and a maximum of 113 mm flange focal distance
  • Long model: this will fit those lenses that has a minimum of 96mm and a maximum of 128 mm flange focal distance

To ensure you are purchasing the proper model, it is important to know the flange focal distance of your chosen lens.  Please carefully read any literature pertaining to your particular lens and examine the sizes provided to precisely determine which helical adapter fits your setup.

The front plate is available in 3 different diameter holes: 25mm, 28mm, 30mm. If you need a different front plate size, please send us an enquiry at info@doragoodman.com, and we can 3D print one for your specific lens.

The Goodman Focusing Screen attaches to the body by the use of magnets, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the back and focusing screen.  The holder is 3D printed and functions with tracing paper rather than glass, making it lightweight and affordable, all while being as sturdy as any other ground glass.

The DIY kit comes with all the parts pre-printed, all the screws, nuts, screwdrivers, sanding paper are included. To assembly it you do not need anything else, just the kit, some time for yourself and some patience.

If you follow our detailed tutorial video on our Youtube Channel the assembling process will be fun and easy.


Shipping cost for the Helical lens adapter kit is $19 USD to anywhere in the world. Please note that these cameras are hand-crafted one at a time; after placing your order we will ship it within an estimated 30 days. Shipments are sent via DHL and a tracking code will be e-mailed to you for confirmation, packages typically arrive within 5-6 business days.  Once expedited, we are not responsible for possible shipping delays, or hold-ups at customs, as these events occur independently of the company.

Expedited delivery is possible, please contact us by e-mail at info@doragoodman.com for more information. 

In the case of mass orders arriving at once, such as during the holiday season, a delay in shipping can be expected. Should this occur, we will notify you by email. 

A slight difference may exist between the image and the product itself. Such differences may be caused by the uniqueness of each element used in the production, as well as possible lighting changes when photographing each product.

Prices are net prices. EU orders will receive an additional 27% VAT on top of the listed prices.