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Have you ever missed a shot because you were fumbling for a roll of film? Ever get back from a shoot only to find your film damaged at the bottom of your bag? Well then, we’d like to introduce you to our newest innovation!

Unlike anything seen before, the Goodman Film Canister truly is a canister for all, as this versatile little accessory can hold either a roll of your favorite film (35mm or 120), or a spare SD card for the digital shooters out there!

Made of rugged 3D printed plastic, this light-tight and weather-resistant canister can be thrown into your bag without worries, or better yet, secured firmly to almost anything via a mini carabiner for quick access. The film reminder tab and exposed/unexposed indicator ring will keep your workflow organized, giving you more time to focus on getting the shot.

Currently available in black, you can choose from 5 pre-designed text options. Alternatively, for a little extra, you can have a personalized text, it’s entirely up to you!

On top of all this, the Goodman Film Canister can also be transformed into multiple accessories, such as a mini tripod, a smartphone holder, or even a gimbal (especially handy for a small mirrorless camera). The canister itself has two universal mounts; a screw-mount on top for securing your camera or phone, as well as a socket on the base for extra attachments.

This is no ordinary film canister; it is an accessory wizard! The best fckng can!


  • Buy 3 canisters at one time and get a Free Handy Casing to keep them all together.

Choose which accessory you would like to order as an extra. You can choose as many as you want. Scroll down to the “Accessories” tab for more info.

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Mini Tripod: Attach a small stand to the bottom and turn it into a tripod, perfect for mounting your favorite camera for extra stability when you need it.

Smartphone Holder: Perfect for vloggers/concert-goers, use this accessory to mount your smartphone on the canister to help you capture flawlessly steady videos.

Gimbal: Say NO to choppy videos by converting the holder into a gimbal for ultimate stabilization (with help from a PET bottle filled with water or sand).

SD Card Holder: Instead of film, use the holder to carry 1 SD and 2 microSD cards with a special insert, and still have some room to spare!


All this is just the beginning; we have many more exciting developments in the works, so stay tuned!


Shipping cost is $12 USD to anywhere in the world. Please note that these film canisters are hand-crafted one at a time; after placing your order we will ship it within an estimated 30 days. Shipments are sent via DHL and a tracking code will be e-mailed to you for confirmation, packages typically arrive within 5-6 business days. Once expedited, we are not responsible for possible shipping delays, or hold-ups at customs, as these events occur independently of the company.

Expedited delivery is possible, please contact us by e-mail at for more information. 

In the case of mass orders arriving at once, such as during the holiday season, a delay in shipping can be expected. Should this occur, we will notify you by email. 

A slight difference may exist between the image and the product itself. Such differences may be caused by the uniqueness of each element used in the production, as well as possible lighting changes when photographing each product.

Prices are net prices. EU orders will receive an additional 27% VAT on top of the listed prices.

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