The Goodman Art Adapter is a 3d printable DOF adapter that works with any kind of smartphone and has a replaceable projection screen. It gives you great creative flexibility, plus it’s very easy to assemble. All the files and plans are free to download.


Projection Canvas

You can easily replace the projection screen inside the Goodman AA. Print as many frames as you please, and come up with your projection canvas ideas. Every semi-transparent material is suitable as a projection canvas, and every material has its own unique characteristic. Here’s a few idea with some test shots:

Clean Foil

Use an ordinary white, plastic shopping-bag to reach the cleanest image quality

Flower Petal

Put a flower petal between the pages of a book and use it as a projection canvas

Scratched Paper

Use a semi-transparent paper scratched with sandpaper to achieve a rough, grainy image

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