It’s no secret that at The Phoblographer, we love analogue photography. It’s more so because the physical and emotional experience of using film cameras is still unmatched by digital ones. I have an ever-growing collection of 35mm and 120mm film cameras; each of them distinct in its look and feel. When it comes to handling, I would rate almost all of them above the digital cameras I use for my work. There are times when I like to take them out and hold them in my hands just to enjoy the feel of old school metal and leather, without even shooting a frame. This is the reason why a lot of manufacturers still make digital cameras with film body looks; the appeal of those bodies transcends decades.

Dora and her team have clearly understood the need for this visual and tactile experience. They’ve embraced this in the design of their line of cameras. With the introduction of 3D printing technology into their workflow, the turnaround time has become quicker and creative possibilities, endless.

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