Olympus OM-1 with smoked eucalyptus veneer and winder


The Olympus OM-1 debuted in 1972, thirteen years after the Nikon F made the 35mm SLR the standard choice for professional photographers, with the aim to reduce the size and noise of its bulky predecessors. While the later generation of the OM series features electronic leaf shutters and more advanced metering this all-mechanical wunderkind in reliability. The OM series didn’t solely earn its fame true the marvelous design, but with its fantastic selection of affordable lenses. After trying many SLRs we have always circled back to this one, and will always have one of our own. 

This rare black version comes with a smoked eucalyptus veneer, the legendary zuikon 1.4/50 lens and a winder.

Custom inlays are also available for your most treasured cameras. If you’d like us to customize your favorite camera feel free to get in touch with us on wood@doragoodman.com email address.

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