6×6 Scura pinhole camera


The SCURA 6×6 is a 3D printed pinhole camera that uses 120 film to capture 60x60mm images.

Its unique curved back was designed to ensure that light reaches the film evenly from corner to corner, resulting in beautiful distortion-free photographs. While maintaining the minimalist approach of pinhole photography, the combination of a laser-drilled pinhole plate and a magnet-powered shutter allows for optimal precision and ease-of-use.

Being tiny and lightweight (only 0.27kg/270g) means that the SCURA is easily transported; put it in your pocket on the way out the door and it will go along anywhere with you. Due to its uncomplicated, but precisely constructed features, this is a camera made for all photographers, from beginners to professionals. Let yourself experience the magic of lensless photography at its best.

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Based on the principles of the camera obscura effect, pinhole photography has a lengthy history that spans many decades, and is still an exciting practice in today’s modern world.  One of the oldest forms of analog photography, shooting with a pinhole camera slows down your process and lets you focus purely on the mechanics of capturing an image. The joy of pinhole photography is found in the combination of the simplicity of techniques and the dreamy, ethereal qualities of the end results, giving you a different view of the world around you.

Nowadays it is very popular to build a pinhole camera out of almost anything, and it was this do-it-yourself ethic that inspired us to create the SCURA. Our aim was to design a perfectly functioning camera with the best image quality possible, while making it available as a DIY kit so that you can still experience the same excitement that comes from building your own camera.

The SCURA is a well-designed, tiny, and lightweight pinhole camera that is both easy and fun to use; an effective photography tool, this camera has been built to go everywhere you go.  Whether a beginner or a professional, the SCURA is sure to delight, allowing you to focus on the process and pleasure of shooting, just as the pictorial masters did a century ago.  

The SCURA 6×6 version uses 120 film to capture 60x60mm images. It can be purchased with an external viewfinder, or you can mount your smartphone to the top of the camera and use the Goodfinder app (only available for iOS, other options exist for Android users). The app essentially allows your screen to act as both a viewfinder and a lightmeter, giving you a perfect substitute for previewing your subjects.

One of our main goals when designing the SCURA was to achieve a clearer and sharper image, which was accomplished by curving the film plane.  Since the film is always roughly the same distance from the pinhole, light “fall-off” (vignetting) does not occur like with other pinhole cameras, and the edges remain sharp. The angle of view is 69 degrees.

The cornerstone of a pinhole camera is a precisely drilled perforation; it must be perfectly round and exactly the right size in order to achieve the best image quality possible.  Functioning on a high frequency and low energy beam, the laser-drilling technology we use results in a flawlessly even and smooth cut (0.3mm).

Pinhole cameras are often quite simple with very few moving parts. Our biggest challenge was to create a shutter that had smooth movements for precise control over the exposure and after testing several prototypes, we determined that by using magnetic force we could achieve just that.

Last, but not least, a frame counter has been added on the back for your convenience.

Check out the Goodfinder app

The camera itself is 3D printed in high quality resolution, and the choice is yours between a DIY kit or a pre-assembled version.

Our DIY kit is the perfect solution for those who enjoy tinkering and crafting with their hands.  Fully-equipped with all the necessary hardware pieces, tools, and 3D printed camera parts, we eliminate the hassle of having to source your own materials; all you need is the kit, some time, and maybe a little patience.  Designed to take you on an interesting journey, the SCURA is fun and easy to assemble following along with our detailed tutorials found on our YouTube channel. Experience the joy of building your own camera while forging an ever-lasting bond with it, securing its special place in your camera collection.

Knowing that the idea of building your own camera can seem like a daunting task to some, or you simply don’t have the time to devote to such a project, we also offer a pre-assembled version.  All you need to do is load it with film, and away you go! 

Included with every SCURA kit is a self-adhesive faux leather or carbon finish skin for you to choose from, but don’t let us stop you there! Using our pre-cut patterns and tutorial videos to help you create your own unique skins, you have the freedom to personalize your camera as you wish, the sky’s the limit.  We highly encourage you challenge yourself, and to share your results with the community afterwards to help inspire others to do the same.

If you prefer, you can also purchase a high-quality wood veneer inlay kit, giving your camera a beautiful and natural finishing touch.

The SCURA is also available in a 35mm panoramic version. If you are interested, click here.

Check out our tutorial videos on YouTube

Sample images shot with the Scura pinhole camera


  • 1 x 3D printed 6×6 pinhole camera
  • 1 laser drilled pinhole plate
  • 1 set of faux-leather or carbon finish self-adhesive skins
  • 1 sanding paper
  • 1 strap cord
  • 1 piece of red transparent plastic for the frame counter window
  • All the necessary hardware, tools, and screws for assembling the camera
  • Zero-waste wrapping paper with cut-out pattern samples

You can also purchase a pre-assembled body, meaning your camera will come in one piece.  Once loaded with film, you’re ready to go!

Viewfinder: 3D printed piece with a glass lens insert to help with composition.

Wood veneer inlay: Personalize your SCURA with a pre-cut genuine wood veneer inlay to give it a nice finishing touch.

Pro flash mount with bubble level and smartphone holder: A professional version of the original flash mount, this is an element that has been specially machined for its high durability, designed to carry heavier weights. It can be used to mount your smartphone as an external viewfinder and light meter through the Goodfinder app (available on iOS only).

  • Size: 125 x 89 x 66mm (5 x 3.5 x 2,6 in)
  • Weight: 0.27 kg = 9.5 oz
  • Pinhole size: 0.3 mm
  • F-stop: 168
  • Angle of view: 69 degrees
  • Focal lenght: 50 mm
  • Image diameter: 96 mm
  • Film dimension: 60 x 60 mm
  • Film type: 120 film
  • Assembly time: 1 hour
  • Number of pieces: 12 x 3D printed parts, 41 x other parts
  • Strap: Holes for mounting a strap on both sides.
  • Tripod: Screw at the bottom for tripod
  • 3D printing material: NGEN filament

Exposure chart:


Shipping cost for the Scura cameras is $19 USD to anywhere in the world. Please note that these cameras are hand-crafted one at a time; after placing your order we will ship it within an estimated 30 days. Shipments are sent via DHL and a tracking code will be e-mailed to you for confirmation, packages typically arrive within 5-6 business days.  Once expedited, we are not responsible for possible shipping delays, or hold-ups at customs, as these events occur independently of the company.

Expedited delivery is possible, please contact us by e-mail at info@doragoodman.com for more information. 

In the case of mass orders arriving at once, such as during the holiday season, a delay in shipping can be expected. Should this occur, we will notify you by email. 

A slight difference may exist between the image and the product itself. Such differences may be caused by the uniqueness of each element used in the production, as well as possible lighting changes when photographing each product.

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