Hardware Kit for 6×12 Goodman Zone


The Goodman Zone 6×12 hardware kit is for those who plan to 3D print the Goodman Zone 6×12 camera body for themselves but still in need of the proper hardware necessary for the assembly. It makes it much easier to build your own camera as you do not need to hunt all the small screws, nuts, magnets one by one.

The Goodman Zone 6×12 is a professional-level 3D printed panoramic film camera. Super lightweight (only  637 g/1.4lb), durable, and affordable, the Zone 612 is an innovative alternative to the expensive, bulky and heavy panoramic cameras. If you’re into landscapes or simply panoramic photography and always wanted to try 612 format like we did, this is your camera.

The Goodman Zone 6×12 hardware kit includes:

  • 3mm, 2.5mm, 2mm, 1.5mm Hex keys
  • M4x11 bolt (4pcs)
  • M3 nut (23pcs)
  • M3x10 bolt (23 pcs)
  • M3x6 grub screw (2 pcs)
  • M4 nut (12 pcs)
  • M4x35 bolt (4 pcs)
  • M4x50 bolt (4 pcs)
  • M4x60 bolt (4pcs)
  • M3x10 grub screw (3 pcs)
  • ⅜” male – ¼” female thread adaptor (3 pcs)
  • M4x20 bolt (4pcs pcs)
  • M4x25 bolt (4pcs  pcs)
  • M3x45 bolt (1 pcs)
  • Brass insert (5 pcs)
  • M3x12 bolt (2 pcs)
  • M2x12 bolt (2 pcs)
  • Elastic string
  • Magnets (13 pcs)
  • Red filter 
  • Semi transparent sheet for ground glass
  • M3x12 countersunk bolt (6 pcs)
  • M3x12 thumbscrew (2 pcs)
  • Super glue

With this Hardware Kit you’ll be able to build the following 6×12 configurations: Starter Kit, Extra-Shortie, Shortie, Longshot. We cannot include the long bolts for the Extralongshot configuration due to shipping difficulties. You can use M4 threaded rods and build a longer setup. For example this one: shorturl.at/pvCE9


For more detailed information about the Goodman Zone 6×12 camera please click here

If you wish to 3D print your own Goodman Zone 6×12 camera, register as a member on our website for free, and then you will get access to all the open source files. Choose the Goodman Zone folder, follow the instructions, print all the parts, then assemble it with the help of the equipment in this hardware kit and the tutorial videos on our Youtube channel. 


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